5 eBay Store Tips For Selling On My eBay Store

5 eBay Store Tips For Selling On My eBay Store Are you wanting to become an eBayer who starts off knowing some of the most important tips and tricks that so many eBayers doing this for months sometimes even years don't even know yet? These are my top 5 eBay store tips for getting started in eBay and becoming a better and more skilled eBay seller. eBay store tips are very useful for getting ahead in the game in selling on your eBay store, I had my eBay store for a couple of years and these tips are what I found out over the starting up and it was very hard to get used to these tips by my self. These are the tips for getting started on eBay, your eBay store should always have variations within the types of ads you have placed upon your eBay store. All the stock you have on your eBay for sale if you have variations in stock should be on one ad, eBay variations will save you on placing hundreds of ads on the same item in your eBay store. You can put for example if you have 100 pieces of iPhone cases just 4 different colours as eBay variations of stock so 25 pieces (amount) of blue iPhone cases for say £3.50 and then another eBay variations of stock red, black, pink the same way on eBay all in one add. Always stay in contact with eBay on all issues about your eBay store, this way when you need issues resolved it can be done fast and they will have all the information ready. My eBay store had grown well because of communication between myself and the company eBay and also the buyers of my stock. While selling your eBay variations of stock you do not want to lose that stats you acquired over the months to be lost so what will help you with your store is paying for a store which is a little better than just normal selling as you can go on a holiday or if sick put a pause on your stock going on hiatus and that way you don't lose your stats and views and position where you would be with your views and watchers unless someone gets more views and sells. Good till cancelled will help you build your views of your stock, the watchers will have longer to keep your stock being watched if the ad goes down it will get rid of the people who watch your eBay variations of stock so don't have stock you want up for long periods of time as a set amount of days, have it as good til cancelled. Make sure to take notes for tax purposes as well as a buyer so you know what you have bought so you can keep an eye on refunds and when items should arrive. Get your stock up now on eBay classifieds and promote your stock. Why not come and hit the like button or the dislike button, maybe you would like to hit subscribe and the notification button, and while you're here drop a comment in the comment box below I'd love to hear from you good or bad. --------------------------------------- ~~~ [Links] ~~~ WEBSITE - Https://WWW.ORIGINALNEX.COM YOUTUBE - BITCHUTE - TWITTER - Https:// FACEBOOK - SOUNDCLOUD - PARLER - GAB - REDDIT - INSTAGRAM -


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