Why Do People Judge Others

Why Do People Judge Others

This question probably plagues most people but more so vulnerable and less off people, why do people judge others? well it is a varied question as there is many differing styles of judging such as bullying people with judgemental style judging, then you have the judging for jobs as judges, judging those who will work for you and judging people because you're apart of a tribe (group) that judges people who may be apart of the group or could be apart of the group.

Judging is a very wide topic but if you wanted to go on judging people in the bullying form, why do bullies judge? Well I think people judge others because it could come down to a relationship and that person likes a person that you may like, so they will set traps to change peoples opinions and judgements to make them not like you as much as they may do at that time there for they will judge to make it look like that judgement is right so others judge the same way.

Tribal thought patterns are a hard thing to break from, believe me I know, I used to be apart of a group who would judge or at least the co-leader of that group would just as much as I would and being apart of it was poisonous and still has effects left over as of today, that is why I got rid of my negative friends but by doing so I judged them to be negative so I think it is engrained into us to judge it's just how we judge that we should be careful of.

Avoid the social circle that involves judging others, avoid the people who will bring such toxic ideas and judgements into your thoughts. Judging people is not always wrong but it can be depending on the way you are judging someone, being righteous and correct in your judgement is the best way to be when taking a judging stance because people will judge you especially Yehovah the one true living God, he will judge you the way you judge people.

Tell me in the chats, in the comments, in the forums on the websites why you think judging is wrong or why you think judging is right. Subscribe and hit notification button and share the videos, blogs, and images you see on the websites and YouTube or Bitchute. So why... Why Judge? Should we not judge ourselves, yes maybe you should judge yourself.


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