Talking Fashion part 1 Vlog.

Talking Fashion part 1 Vlog.

Being you by dressing up in the style that most fits you, is the best form of self-representation, fashion is in some form an art that many people tend to neglect and believe me I was one of those guys who lost my drive to dress attractive, standing out, showing the person people know me as and I find that it damaged me doing that, dressing lazy, not washing up to my best ability and it damaged me and made me lose confidence in myself.

Fashion can be one of many things that can levitate you from being depressed to being normal and in some cases even ecstatically happy. Clothing is a great way to show your personality through your style, the way you feel can burst out of you by how you dress. If you are depressed you will dress in a more slack, loosely fitted clothing range with maybe no brand and unironed, undisciplined and lack of self-respect and control over your life. You don't need to ware things like Nike, Gucci, Prada, Adidas, Citizen watches and so on. People always think you need to have big named brands but you don't it is not the name however that does help, but the way you dress up and wear it, meaning walking head up and with confidence if you have it in yourself people will think you're a strong person and of stature.

What do you think about dressing up? and not just in the sense of going out for a meal but just going for walks, some nice Black jeans, smart trainers or dress shoes and a cheap but clean fitting leather jacket or coat and a T-shirt that stands out do you like being smartly dressed? I think wearing things like Dolce and Gabbana as a nice scent to reach out to people its a form of communication it grabs peoples attention as does One Million Cologne, you don't always need to be talkative but to wear a cologne or spray that is of high quality and grabs peoples attention you will get people looking your way or coming to talk to you for a change rather than stressing on how to talk to people.

Do you like the videos where we can be talking men's fashion? Tell me you're view on fashion and dressing to impress not just others but you're self. We now have a forum board on the / .com site where you can engage with me there also and each other.


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