Flavour Tasters: Gluten Free Toast, Avocado, Fried Egg & Salmon Review

Flavour Tasters: Gluten Free Toast, Avocado, Fried Egg & Salmon Review

This is my homemade Gluten Free Toast with Avocado, Fried Egg & Salmon review for Flavour Tasters. Now it's probably going to stand out that since I made this myself I will rate myself highly for a few reasons 1) I will cook to my palets liking and 2) Because humans typically are biased however I think I was 100% honest in this on both sandwich meals. First I started cooking the salmon by steaming it then cooked the toast up, fried the eggs and seasoned them and spread the avocado over the bread when I finished I put the egg on top of the avocado then I placed the salmon on top of the egg one was a beautifully runny egg but the other which was more of a creamy egg and fluffy inside was in my view more flavourful and had a great texture. The flavour in the second one seemed to be better seasoned and because of the creaminess of the egg inside and the fluffiness, it tended to have a better more fuller taste to it.

Now in this review, I don't want to say the rating in the blog write up but you can watch the video on YouTube, Bitchute or the websites Video page and see the full review there approx 18 minutes of review, cook talk, plate up and other chats on health.

In the food review, you will get more of a look into how I like to do things and I talk about the creation of this meal and oh how wonderful one was over the other and why?


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