Jake Paul (Staff/Friends) Kick Two Trans Out Team Ten House!

So two trans men who dress like women have been kicked out of the Team Ten house by some one who knows Jake Paul while the trans people said "What because we're trans?" he clearly specifically said replying "No" but like your leftist snow flakes they try to make it look like the person who kicked them out was discriminating and that he was transphobic but to be "transphobic" you must have an irrational fear of trans people and 1) it is not irrational to fear people with mental health issues as people generally with mental health could be a risk to your life if they are too far gone and psychos 2) it is not a "FEAR" in anyway to not want someone who has a life choice you disagree with out of your home. Every human being has a right to kick anyone out of their homes without any valid reason they do not have to have you in their home.

The Trans men who dress like women claim that they have this issue every day of their life, in reply to that comment no one owes you anything, not even a nice reply which the guy sounded reasonable and nice he wasn't foul but he doesn't owe you an explanation, he doesn't owe you to be your friend, or associated with you, they don't in anyway shape or form have to accept your life style or choices and they do not have to respect you and allow you in their home because your a Trans in fact that would be discriminations against anyone else they threw out of the home for no reason who were heterosexual, non trans, disabled, homosexual and so on if they just allow you to stay over any other people they have kicked out EVER that would be discrimination to give you things they didn't give others they didn't want in the house. --------------------------------------- ~~~ [Links] ~~~




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