Nerdology - Fighting With My Family Review

Nerdology - Fighting With My Family Review

This movie "Fighting With My Family" was one I felt I had to watch but really didn't want to due to it may be supporting the actions of the female wrestler Paige. I want to stress this out I do not support her actions I simply am reviewing this video for the purposes of the viewers of my channel. The movie Fighting With My Family was in my opinion extremely fast-paced, had I produced this film it would have been written up as a two-piece movie one pre-WWE and one where Paige gets into the WWE. While the WWE is killing itself slowly with horrendous script writing and wrestlers not being able to do more than 5 moves of dooms and all that rubbish it seems to have bled into the movie rushing the story which was not needed you could have easily got two films out of this.

The actress did a good job and I honestly couldn't tell if she was English or not, I mean okay yes you could maybe tell it was very slightly forced but it could have just been a broad English accent which is why it was so rough. Florence Pugh played a good role in the move as most the actors even Dwayne The Rock Johnson, wasn't even good in this movie and felt as if he was acting, like you can see he is trying to act, like he is the rock rather than being like how we see him as a wrestler it felt as if he was trying to hard to pull his character off. Even the funny British actor Nick Frost couldn't pull a good performance in this film which I like much of his movies he did such as Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. It seemed as if every actor except the girl who played Paige and the male playing her Brother were the only two who actually cared about the move.

In this Nerdology review of the movie Fighting With My Family by the World Wrestling Entertainment company has seemingly showed not only is their wrestling product died down but their movies are visually bland and just not in any way shape or form entertaining, yes the movie isn't horrid enough to say don't watch it, but it feels like a one time view it is not worth £10, maybe £5 and it would be a decent price for its quality. I rate this as a generic 2.5 after careful consideration.

If you have any view or opinion on the review have your say either in the comment sections or even by contacting on the website, do you wish to see more nerdology reviews coming soon? Media such as Movies, Games, and Music reviews by Nerdology Originalnex. I hope you enjoyed the movie reviews and the reviewing opinion that I gave on this movie and that I am being blatantly honest not acting to get thumbs up. The movie was so bad it was frequently historically inaccurate! Not even the famous Dwayne Johnson could save this.


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