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Hello Fellow Surfers. I hope you are all well, so to start this off we are going to be speaking about the first update that is the possible house move to my own flat, get my separation from the current life style in hope to better my thought pattern, the place I will be moving to will have much around and close to it such as a main supermarket, hospital, dentist, trains that have toilets on so its easier to travel form town to city as you know I have suffered with IBS social anxiety and rubbish eating wise so this means I can finally get out to new surroundings easier than I would while living in Gateshead where busses do not have toilets on or metro trains which makes travelling extremely uncomfortable and hard to do. The set up for the new place is practically going to be the exact same set up as the one you see now on YouTube, Bitchute & here on the website videos, the only small change would be no curtain behind the PC as it is on other side of the room. I will be considering opening a photo gallery style page of pictures of my travels which would hopefully help with giving you a better sight of my daily living since I have trains with toilets on I can not worry so much about the travelling as I do now, so not only are you getting Music, Videos, Blogs but also Pictures too all here on the website. I will be considering doing a True Talk Podcast again but this is in the plans, I am seeking sources to get content for that as it will be live streaming Podcast of around an hour or more, which may include things like interviews, debates, news, music talk, media talk, general updates and so much more so you can see I am doing as much as I can to give you more content here as well as the other websites. The Podcast (audio) will be Soundcloud and website exclusive which wont be video type but I am also doing a video style podcast which will be on all the websites I am planning on doing a members only purchase content and exclusives for those who come on the site and soundcloud to hear audio content only. I maybe planning some private videos which will be for patreon style members but this is likely to be when I am working or have a job so I do not have to stress about what about taxes, rent, food, and having to hit a set price or I may be homeless as I wouldn't be able to afford the rent off this, so this is just a few plans and Idea's I have which I aim for this site to have. I maybe bringing ASMR to OriginalNex on YouTube, BitChute, and the websites YouTube page, which by the way I am considering renaming the YouTube page to only Videos page. The Live streaming page I am figuring out how to do this perfectly so it is currently under construction. Anyway guys I hope this has been inciteful and helped you understand the plans for the site, youtube, bitchute and other works in the progress. Blogs, Vlogs, Music, Audio Podcast, Video Podcast, Photography, ASMR, Members Only (Patreon style content down the line) and Exclusive website content just for you. --------------------------------------- ~~~ [Links] ~~~ WEBSITE - Https://WWW.ORIGINALNEX.COM



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