Talking Mental Health In The Back Garden

Talking Mental Health In The Back Garden

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I am not a specialist or a Doctor however I do have an opinion on mental health, depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, and Agoraphobia as I have had many of these throughout my lifetime maybe nowhere near as bad as some people get it but I have had it quite bad some of these most of my life. Does anyone ever take time to listen to things like DNA healing music or mental health songs anymore? I think it has come to the point that we normalize mental illnesses and forget the sever issues that mental health will lead to and the ties to demonic possession as just an "ILLNESS" Anxiety is the doubt that I believe Satan twists into your life to get you suffering from the social anxiety parts of life which cause sever panic attacks, some people find it hard to deal with Mental Health which is why we need to have mental health awareness not just for a view on disability and depression but that it could be linked to religious and spiritual issues.

Depression is starting to grow within men as many attempts to commit suicide which isn't the answer my Brothers & Sisters to take away what Yehovah God gave you is not the way out, you are worth way much more than the social anxiety and depression, way more than the mental illness you may have, you may think of getting a mental illness test but only you will honestly know what your body is saying to you, I advice taking time to talk to someone of religious but also friendly tie open up to someone you can trust.

If you have any views on things you may be going through with mental health, behavioral health, talk to me or even in a secret email via OriginalNex website, reach out in comments on Youtube, Bitchute, or the forum on the website talk about how you either have over come these issues of mental health or what you are going through hopefully I, or someone else can help you through this dark time.

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