What Makes A Person A Hero?

What Makes A Person A Hero?

What makes a hero is a good question if you are really wanting to become one. But what are the characteristics of a hero? is a lot harder to answer than just one or two words it takes a discussion on it you could call it what is a hero essay, writing up a long blog on what defines a hero and what could reach the what is a hero quotes list, if we wrote down everything we knew maybe people asking this would quote our views so lets try and get into this topic more here as well in our video on Youtube.

I would love to make a hero movie, showing that being a hero is much more than just fighting for a movement and thinking you have changed the world without risk. but the meaning of bravery is exactly the same as the meaning of heroism and the quality of heroism, those who have the true qualities show heroism examples in their day to day living. I think the heroism Wikipedia taps a lot on the subject but being a hero to me would be fighting for what is right in a world filled with evil and wrongs regardless of the outcome.

The bravery definition to me would be to do something against the grain, to fight to help others even if you disagree with them to save them is to be a hero even if you hate the person that would be worth the bravery award and bravery reward if there is such a thing, but lets be honest should we seek peoples congratulations for doing what is right? I don't think so, is it not best that Yehovah God bless us better for our works.

So what is a true hero to you? I would love to hear your views and opinions on this topic why not check the Youtube channel's video out and leave a comment in the comment box, hit the subscribe and like button and notification button to help the channel. What defines a hero, what are the characteristics of a hero, and finally what makes a person a hero in your own eyes not other peoples opinions?

Here are my own bravery quotes, Ride the waves and hope you don't hit a rock.. okay thats more the quote for my life trying to avoid the falls and trying to lift above the hurdles life throws at us, but you can also see this as a view on our life and being brave to overcome the obsticals in life by avoiding wrong and doing right. Bravery can be achieved on another level to what your told, the countries you live in will have their own views on bravery but believe me, bravery is what God says is for his people doing his ways they are heroes and showing bravery when they are threatened with death when doing Gods work calling people to salvation.


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