What Makes A Person Happy?

What Makes A Person Happy?

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I think what makes a person happy can differ heavily depending on the person and what things they may find interesting, amusing or in general just opening up inside a feeling of joy on a situation happening. Take a look at yourself and tell me what makes you happy and then that way you can get a grasp for what makes others happy. This can vary but you can understand the emotion behind the feeling of happiness and why it happens. What makes a happy life I think could be peace mostly although some people would find loud chaotic lives to make them happy it can vary but I think generally people who try to know what makes a person truly happy, are asking the wrong questions who cares what makes others happy if we are sad, yes we can do our best to make others happy but how can they be happy if they love you and you are not trying to be happy too.

I wonder how many people are happy in their lives honestly and if they could answer how to be happy alone? I find human beings are better together in a family than alone however it is not to say people can not be happy alone in life. Trying to find out how to be happy again should be a key goal for us to try an achieve in life and yes help others be happy in their life also. Let us learn how to be happy with yourself and not be overly judging and overcome the tests in life to enjoy what Yehovah God gave us.

Do you know how to be happy with your life? or is it possible to know how to be happy single? if you do tell me in the YouTube comments and let's interact and debate on this topic. Maybe we could write a book called the how to be happy book it would sell millions because everyone is seeking online these how to be happy quotes, and questions to be answered. how to be happy wikihow is very popular people always search for peace, people search on topics on how to overcome sadness, depression and other anxieties that hold them down in life.

So do you know how to be happy and do you think we should write the being happy book? Let me know in your messages on YouTube.

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