What Makes A Person The Way they Are?

What Makes A Person The Way they Are?

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What makes a person the way they are?

I think what makes you yourself is a range of the people we associate ourselves with as well as our experiences through out our life from smell, taste, feel and expressions from life in general. What determinants of personality are noticable? what is the true nature of personality and why does it change frequently? To ask what is personality I would say look deep at yourself try to figure out what makes you act the way you do, the way you act on a daily basis try to stop doing some small things and see how easy it is to break a small habbit sometimes its a lot harder than you think.

The types of personality stretches so far that you couldn't really say a set amount of types, however we can say that it seems to be related to the tribal thought pattern we go through in our daily lives, trying to fit in a group. The concept of personality is such a wide thing to try study, you will find what makes you the person today will help you understand why others may come to the point of what makes them, them.

So what makes you who you are? And try to look deep at things you can remember try to write down memories that pop up a lot these things will tend to be the main things that craft you into you, because if it is fear you will do your best to avoid it and if it is things you love no matter how weird it is the reason you love that thing.

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