Why Am I Always Hungry?

Why Am I Always Hungry? ( )

The question isn't always an easy one to answer it could be a medical reason and without knowing the person and what they eat or drink daily and how much walking or exercise they do, you can never be fully aware of what makes a person hungry. With that said why am I always hungry even after eating? one answer could be due to how overweight you are and how much damage you have done to the stomach for it to stretch out of size making it near impossible to truly feel full when it is too big to fill that is also why you are always hungry never full and to answer why am I always hungry at night may be the same reason.

Why am I so hungry today? This could be because you worked out so hard or lost more weight than you ate the day before and have not eaten as much today, so with that you need to take into consideration what you did today eating wise and yesterday. Keep a diary of what you ate and how much work out you have done and if you may be just thirsty, hunger isn't always about needing food but the lack of water in your body, your body may be crying out for some fluid intake due to being extremely thirsty.

Why am I so hungry and tired? This could be a range of reasons but it could be a medical one due to lack of energy and your starving for that energy that is gone, it could be diabetes seek advice from a trained medical doctor, ask for blood taken and anything that may be related to it. You could also be very much depressed which makes you want to eat heavily while also have the lack of wanting to do things meaning you will want to sleep, also laziness plays a major role in depression and will make you bored there for wanting your hands to pick up and eat.

why am I so hungry all of a sudden? I'm having the always hungry symptoms such as cramps, growling stomach, a deep need to drink more fluids and eat more of the time. Answering specifically for people why am I always hungry lately is hard to say for sure unless a doctor knows you specifically and knows what your up to in your daily life and your medical background, so seek medical advice on these topics.

If you're pregnant you could have an increased appetite early pregnancy symptom showing you could be possibly pregnant take a test if so congratulations on your gift of life its a beautiful thing. If you ask why do I wake up hungry, this could also be tied to your amazing gift of creation being pregnant. You may have constant hunger pains or feel hungry but feel full at same time, maybe you feel stomach pains that feel like hunger pains in later stages.

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