Why Am I Single?

Why Am I Single?

To all the single ladies and single men out there who are asking them self right now what is wrong with me why am I single? Do not despair, we all go through periods where we are single and this video will be extremely beneficial to watch, giving you much reason as to why we are single, and why am I single at 30. So to answer what is wrong with me why am I single? only you can see your flaws or those around you can, I personally can not say what is wrong but I can tell you a list of things that may make a person single such as hygiene, people do not enjoy being around people who have either not been in the shower or washed their clothes, actually people enjoy nice smells and it is one thing that attracts us to the opposite sex as well as makes some men follow their friends or people they aspire to be like to better them self by copying aroma.

Why am I alone, why is being alone and single so hard? Can you enjoy being single and alone? and if so how? well if you really want to know that you would have to recognise that life isn't always about sex or relationships although it is very good to be in relationships and try and get to be married and have someone who loves you, it is not always about that. The single meaning to happiness is to seek to give to one person in my opinion to want love and to give love, at one point people strive to make a name be it how good of a person they are, how good they are with work and how hard working in general but people expect relationships these days, and to my single ladies out their do not just give away you're self you are much more special and worthy of more than just sex. Do you see how much single people memes have become about those who are whores or sluts in life be you male or female and give up and reduce yourself to sex? Be worth more and expect a man to marry you for something special find out what makes that man tick.

To my single men out there seeking the right woman, I know it is hard just as it is for women to find the right men. In this day and age there are few good people about who have high standards and morals asking them self the same question like why am I single at 30 or why am I single at 40 and even higher simply why am I single? Having your standards drop only gives you a lower quality of woman or man in your life. Being alone and single can be depressing at times and you probably like many people sit and get fat over the question why am I alone and eating this here burger with grease and fat all over it but maybe that is one of the reasons, did you let yourself go? Being single sometimes can be stressing I know but just get on with life trying to fill your life with a lot of activities learning how to be single and still have a life and get out there and get to know people is hard but has to be done.

Being a single person sitting back and listening to all that depressing single music and crying over it won't make you not single. I mean brothers and sisters some people look up these single people quotes just to feel slightly better or watch these single people memes hoping for to laugh at other singles, but when you look at yourself and ask what is wrong with me why am I single? you can change all that. Dress up for a change, start to test out new scents ladies and gents ... See what I did there I rhymed :D ... you need to learn how to enjoy being single and know to care about yourself, how can a woman or a man care for you if you don't care enough to wash, have exercise and wash your clothes, maybe look at your personality and get rid of the freaky stuff and become a better person.

Tell me please if you watch the video on Why Am I Single and you have anything you would like to add to it if you know the answer to the questions like why am I single at 30, what is wrong with me why am I single, how to enjoy being single and learn how to be single rather than alone and single, while being depressed why am I alone, why are you? Answer it down in the comment section below telling me your views and opinions on this topic of the video on YouTube.


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