Why Are We Here?

Why Are We Here?

It is one question that plagues humanity and that is why are we hear? And what is the meaning of life? Why do we exist? I myself believe it is because Yehovah the one true amazing greater God put us here to live and pass our test the one which Adam failed, to become sons and daughters of the Father God almighty, others would believe the answer to why are we here philosophy would be because of some weird evolution coming from nothing insanity. Has anyone ever read those why are we hear quotes really? I mean so many of us search the internet for our reasons as to why, but we never seem to really answer why are we alive today? why can't we give our brains that rest to stop worrying about why, and answer good enough so we can do away with the stress of why and fixate on how to live.

Why do we live, why are we alive and why do we love to live? some would even go as far as to say that we have that spectrum of either loving to live or loving to die which is upsetting to think of but is a topic we should consider if we really would like to help those going through harships. Can you answer the age old question of why are we hear now and how we can change for the best? What is the meaning of life and death and why is it so important to worry about it? Its not the begining or the end that matters in our life but the journey we live that defines our life.

Do you know the reason as of what are we living for, why are we alive, what is it you think should be spoke about on these topics? Take a minute or two and say out loud your view or if you're watching this on Video on Twitter or Bitchute leave a comment and tell me your opinions on this. I think this is a test to pass to know and do what is right even if what is wrong seems so pleasing that we over come these sadistic or twisted ways and avoid the lusts and pleasures of what it is to be human just for this short spec of time, when we could enjoy eternity with the one true creator Yehovah God.


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