Why Do I Feel Sad?

Why Do I Feel Sad?

Why am I sad, it isn't an easy question to answer but lets go into a few of the reasons why I may feel sad, why do I feel sad all the time? feeling depressed, sad and just alround upset can vary from medical to psychological, you may even feel sad due to a physical effect which would be something you may need to speak to a doctor about. Why am I sad and depressed can come upon on minds quickly some people call this swing of depression to be bipolar, and others call a swing of emotions to hyperactivity which can be in many forms sadness, happiness and energetic.

So why do I feel sad when I wake up, can be one major question we have when awaking from a dream and it could be because of the dream or maybe because of the night before something could have happened that still plays in our thoughts. Why am I depressed after waking up? Did you dream of someone who passed, are your dreams better to you than your normal daily living? This could be a big reason as to why. Feeling sad and depressed isn't always a bad thing sometimes our bodies can bottle emotions making us upset enough to burst out from time to time on something that just snaps its not good to bottel all your emotions. Why am I so sad out of no where? if you don't know it would be hard for me to pick out your reason without talking to you but it could be due to the loss of someone close that the feeling of being reminded of them come out of the blue.

Why do I feel sad for no reason, do you have an answer? tell me in the video on YouTubes comment page if you have seen it you can check my videos out on - and feel free to engage on why you feel sad, depressed, upset, anxious and anyother feeling I am not a doctor but I would love to help you avoid self harm if this is on your mind I can't always reply to messages but I will do my best to answer when I can.

If you ask your self from time to time why am I sad and tired, and why do I get worn out? remember depression can be a very exhausting feeling this is why you may feel ran down from being upset, depressed and heavily sad, depression is not a joke and people should help their fellow Brother, Sister, Friends and Family even their enemy if they can to avoid self harm.


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